REC Montenegro

REC Montenegro

The REC in Montenegro

The REC's presence in Montenegro dates back to 2001, when an office was created for the implementation of concrete project activities. The REC's country office in Montenegro was established on July 1, 2006, as a result of the declaration of independence of Montenegro following the referendum held on May 21, 2006.

Legal status of the office

The activities and legal status of REC Montenegro are based on a bilateral agreement on cooperation (the Agreement on Programme and Technical Cooperation), signed by the Government of Montenegro and the REC in April 2004.

The mission of the REC in Montenegro

REC Montenegro pursues the REC's mission to address issues related to the protection of the environment and sustainable development by promoting cooperation among relevant actors at local, national and regional level (including authorities at all levels, the business sector, NGOs and other groups that deal with environmental protection) and supporting public participation in decision making on environmental protection, sustainable development and the free exchange of information.

REC vision in Montenegro

REC Montenegro envisions Montenegro as an integral part of a democratic and developed European society by putting into practice the principles of sustainable development, partnership and common responsibility, as well as integrating environmental protection into other policy sectors.


REC Montenegro carries out its activities in the country as an international organisation, pursuing the REC's mission to help address environmental protection issues by improving cooperation among the main actors in the country (government, companies, NGOs and other actors in the sphere of environmental protection), and by supporting public participation in decision making on environmental issues and the free exchange of information. 

REC Montenegro expreses its gratitude to the many donor, clients and partners, whose support has made possible such a large number of successful projects of local, national, regional and global significance.